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(ARTWORK:I feel her by Reggie Khumalo)

The President’s View

Welcome to the month of February!
For some, the month of love đź’•; some, the end of “Januworry” but for all a blessing of health and life.

The country has bled  at the loss of life from the COVID-19 pandemic and most recently the damage caused by Cyclone Eloise. However, we have much to be grateful for. February also marks the turn of the tide in the fight against COVID-19 as we received our first consignment of the COVID-19 vaccine. We look forward to many positive outcomes from the planned rollout and hope it is the beginning of reviving the economy and the end of our collective pain and strife.

Still with new beginnings, how are those resolutions coming? If we have learnt anything at all, it is that life is precious and we ought make the best of it everyday. So spend time with loved ones, write that book, learn how to ride a bike, bring your Pinterest boards to life … bring out your best self  always.

We are certainly looking forward to hosting an exciting number of programmes and initiatives in the year ahead. We set the ball rolling with a sensational collaboration with fine artist Reggie Khumalo (@reggiethenomad). We present to you an exclusive body of art titled ‘I Feel Her..”. It is without a doubt an ode to women everywhere. Here’s what the artist had to say about the piece;

” She doesn’t have to show you her power, she is the power. She doesn’t have to conform but from the back she leads. Her humbleness is her strength. Her weakness worn as armour. She doesn’t know it yet but she is a future President, CEO, engineer … Her doubt is not a matter of confusion or disbelief but of asking herself, “will they be able to handle me”,.. She knows she is already all of the above and more. Is true power what you see or is power, what is felt. I can feel her energy all the way from the back of the room. She doesn’t have to announce herself. I feel her…” – Reggie Khumalo
Reggie Khumalo is a South African fine artist and motorbike adventurer. He travels and works across Africa to bring back Ubuntu and help disadvantaged children from all over Africa to get an education. After every big trip, he holds an exhibition of the work inspired by the journey and donates a percentage of his profits to charitable causes. As such, collecting his art is not only an investment, but also a vehicle for social change.

AWCA, a champion for education and the development of the African child, has partnered with @reggiethenomad to bring you ” I feel her”. You can now own 1 of 10 of these special edition prints by emailing to express your interest.

Artwork retails at R10 000 each.All proceeds go
towards the AWCA Bursary Fund.
Framing available at cost.

Yours in service,
Zama Khanyile CA (SA)


Hollard Announces Partnership with Tokio Marine Group – 7 September 2018

Hollard Insurance Group Announces a ground-breaking partnership with Tokio Marine Group.

Recently The Hollard Insurance Group announced a ground-breaking partnership with the Tokio Marine Group, the largest insurance group in Japan, and among the largest in the world. Tokio Marine will acquire a 22.5% stake in Hollard South Africa and Hollard International for approximately R5 billion, fulfilling Hollard’s long-held goal of partnering with a major international insurance group. 

The Tokio Marine Group was established in 1879 and incorporates Japan’s oldest Insurance company, Tokio Marine Insurance. The Group employs almost 39000 people in 38 countries and, reported an income of just over 5 232 billion Yen (R725 billion at today’s exchange rate).

This is a game-changer for Hollard, as not only does it represent a significant vote of confidence in Hollard, but also in South Africa and in the African continent as a whole. The transaction is aligned with President Cyril Ramaphosa’s call for $100 billion to be invested in SA over the next five years, and is an endorsement of the well-regulated South African financial services sector.  The access to capital this partnership provides will help to accelerate our ambitious plans in Africa and Asia.

AWCA investment Holdings would like to congratulate Hollard this big honor.

Reef Tankers gets Awarded – 15 November 2018

Reef Tankers awarded the 2018 CAIA Responsible Care Haulier award.


We would also like to congratulate one of our shareholding partners, Reef Tankers on being awarded the 2018 CAIA Responsible Care Haulier award. This award is in recognition of their year-on-year increase, with regards to their performance of their responsible care programmes and for sustaining a high safety, health and environmental performance over the last three year period.

The award was presented to the company at a function held at the Johannesburg Country Club where members of the Chemical and Allied Industries Association’s gathered. The CAIA, is an association that forms part of a worldwide network of Chemical industry associations, which seek to promote the continuous improvement of performance in the safety, health and environmental arenas, as well as to boost productivity and competitiveness of the chemical and allied industries in South Africa. 

AWCA Investment holdings is very proud of this achievement by Reef tankers, and we are delighted to be associated with a company that puts matters such as health, safety and environmental arenas at the forefront of their concerns. 

The Appointment of Ms. Gugu Sephamla’s on 1 October 2018


We would like to congratulate one of AIH board members, Ms. Gugu Sephamla on being appointed as the Corporate Affairs Group executive at Barloworld. She was announced to be part of the Executive Committee late last year and we are very pleased with her accomplishment. We wish her all the best on her new appointment.

The Appointment of Nomfundo Marivha’s on 1 October 2018

We would like to congratulate Ms. Nomfundo Marivha, our previous business analyst has currently been appointed as an associate director at Deloitte. She was a very important asset to the company, and her presence will be sorely missed. We wish her well on her new venture that she is about to embark on.

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